Alpha Male Traits vs. Beta Male Traits

What is the difference between alpha make traits and beta male traits? Simply put, the difference is the mindset. The way an Alpha approaches any given situation is very different than the way a Beta would approach the same situation. Not only that, the thoughts that run through an Alpha’s mind differ considerably from a Beta’s. Below is a comparative list of characteristics of Alphas vs Betas.

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Beta male: Likes to make excuses and can commonly be heard saying the phrase “I can’t do this because…” when in reality, he just doesn’t want to do something. Also tends to make excuses for his mistakes as if all decisions he has made are out of his control.

Alpha male: Always in control of the situations he places himself in, thus never places the blame on others, but looks for solutions to problems quickly. Never gives an excuse as to why he doesn’t want to do something, as opposed to can’t do.

Tip: In addition to not making excuses to other people, don’t make excuses to yourself. Be honest and upfront whenever you don’t want to do something and take blame when you fail to achieve a goal or duty. Know that you really do have full control of everything, thus capable of fixing anything.


Beta male: Focuses his energy and attention inwards, thus making him self-conscious and obsessing over what others think of him.

Alpha male: Focuses his energy and attention outwards by making others the subject of his thoughts, thus freeing his mind of self-conscious thoughts.

Tip: Start trying to focus on what is going on around you. Become more aware so you know what moves to make. If you think about yourself, you won’t be open to the world, and will miss opportunities that present themselves to you.


Beta Male Trait: Panic

Beta male: Doesn’t stay calm and focused.  Talks with rushed speech and give off a nervous vibe. In other words, “panicky.”

Alpha male: Is in control of his life and is reflected in his calm,Alpha Male Traits: Calm controlled speech and fluid body language.

Tip: Before you walk in anywhere – catch yourself. Slow down – catch your breath and then make it look like you are walking through water. As stated earlier, begin to create an image of smoothness and you will naturally start to become smoother.


Beta male: Has no goals or aspirations. Sit idly because of lack focus.

Alpha male: Lives life passionately.  Has a goal in all aspects of his life.

Tip:  Goals aren’t necessarily meant to be achieved; they are just something to strive for to give your life meaning and focus. It’s easy to get discouraged when a goal isn’t reached, but alphas learn from their life experiences and set up more goals and continue chugging along.


Beta male: Tends to give up easily in the face of failure.

Alpha male: Looks as failures as building blocks and learns from them by using the new knowledge to try something different.  Recognizes that failure is just a part of life and that even the greatest waterfalls started with just a drop.


Beta male: Uses the word, “sorry” a lot – even when it doesn’t belong in the conversation. He apologizes to others because he feels he might have offended them somehow.

Alpha male: Apologizes when he believes he hurt someone accidently.  He doesn’t apologize for his views, beliefs, or to make someone feel better.


Beta Male Traits: high ego

Kanye West stealing the mic from young Taylor Swift’s first awards appearance. Be less like this guy…

Beta male: Believe it or not – he has a big ego. But it backfires on him because he is too sensitive and insecure regarding everyone’s opinion of him. So he constantly is trying to prove himself by qualifying – or stating his qualifications.

Alpha male: Never feels like he must prove himself. His ego is his ally. Here is the truth: Big egos are a result of low-esteem,

Alpha Male Traits: Humble

…and more like this guy, the always humble and respectful, UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva. He’s seen here commending his bitter rival’s good performance.

lack of control over emotion, and too many female feelings. A man who is truly confident in himself never needs to lash out at someone who insulted his ego.


Beta male: Always searching for approval and attention.

Alpha male: Does not seek attention – and therefore always gets it.  Knows that he can be the most powerful presence in a room because people need to be led.

Tip: Don’t feel the need to entertain a room full of women with displays of this and that. Betas are often clamoring for attention yet can never get enough  – and alphas never want attention yet get too much.  In a room with a bunch of beta males and a bunch of girls you will notice how the girls respond to the alpha. He’s cool and laid back – the girls all turn their heads to him. The beta needs to constantly entertain them.


Beta male: Will never admit to his faults and mistakes.

Alpha male: Is not afraid to face his faults and overcome his failures. Admission is the first step to solving a personal setback or problem.


Beta male: Gets jealous.

Beta Male Trait: Jealousy

Guess who the jealous guy is?

Alpha male: Is supremely confident in his ability and status.  He appreciates highability and status in others, but doesn’t feel inferior to them. He seeks to learn and then try to surpass those around him.


Beta male: Easily blows his stack. He loses his temper when someone else criticizes him or when a girl disrespects him.

Alpha male: Is a complete picture of cool. He never loses his composure. If something upsets him, he shows his disapproval of it without getting mad or whining.


Beta male: If he loses his girl, he loses all hope in life and thinks that he cannot live without “the one” – her.

Alpha male: In the unlikely event that a woman leaves an alpha, he simply loves that there are thousands of other girls just as good or better than the girl who dumped him. His life is not centered around one girl, and he has no problem moving on.

Tip: If you have options (other women) she is not only less likely to break your heart, but less likely to leave.


Beta Male Trait: Messy

Beta male: Tends to be poorly groomed and messy.

Alpha Male Traits: Well-Groomed

Alpha male: Is always dressed to kill, and groomed well. He has superior etiquette.

Tip: When you know you took the time to look better, you are happier and thus exude more confidence.


Beta male: Is afraid to meet new people.
Alpha male: Is ready to meet new people.


Beta male: Looks to quickly get into a relationship, as if he is desperate for a girlfriend.

Alpha male: Is not desperate for women. In fact he is never desperate for anything.

Tip: When you are not desperate for women’s attention or affection, it’s implied that you have plenty of it – which puts you at ease, and excites women.


Beta male: Poor body language – slouches. He stands and sits uncomfortably, as if he is nervous.

Alpha Male Traits: Good Posture

Try to stand like the guy in the middle. Not only does it make you look and feel more confident, it is better for your spine.

Alpha male: Takes up space whenever he sits down or rests. Is in control of his surroundings. Nothing surprises or startles him.


Beta male: Is a pushover with women. He is willing to commit to a woman as soon as they give him the green light and makes women his number one priority

Alpha male: His focus is usually one around self-improvement and doesn’t make his entire life about getting women. He is picky and never throws himself at women, making him a challenge.


Beta male: Becomes wide-eyed when he sees someone do something.

Alpha male: Is never impressed. He may give credit where it’s due, but he doesn’t go ape-shit because someone did something impressive. Act like you’ve been around in the world before.

The first step to becoming an alpha male is to ingrain these alpha male traits into your new self. However, it isn’t easy and your beta self will want to take over at the worst times, but there is help to make the process easier. You can use techniques like meditation, affirmations, or go through a systematized process like How to Become an Alpha Male by John Alexander. I found this eBook to be the quickest way to get there, but a combination of different techniques is the way to go.

You will know when you have achieved the alpha male mindset when you can walk into any situation and no longer think about whether or not what you are doing is considered “alpha.” It takes time and a little courage to throw yourself out there, but it is definitely achievable.


  1. Seguchi says:

    alpha > beta. always and forever. don’t listen to those girly men telling you its ok to be effeminate. In every culture, the females are most attracted to the alphas – this is nature people, not just speculation.

    • Alfio says:

      I’ve seen the proof that the average nubmer of sex partners for an equal nubmer of men and women in a closed system (e.g. the whole world, or for practical purposes, a country) must be the same before. But I’ve never seen it done in such a simple, easy to understand, and convincing way to most people before. Well done. And yeah, women lie down their nubmers enormously. They lie them down even to themselves, knowing instinctively that the best way to lie is to convince yourself. Particularly women with really big nubmers lie it down. A girl who’s slept with 80 men is going to have conveniently forgotten a lot of her one night stands and drunken couplings and bad sex one offs and roughly think her nubmer might be over 40 . (Unless a guy who convinces her he’s turned on by really sexually adventurous women coaxes her over time, with interim encouragement and approval as her remembered nubmer gets bigger. I’ve been that guy sometimes.) The girl with 80 partners is going to report at most something like 15 or 20 even on the high tech computer surveys of the type the report of a study you linked talked about. That’s not to mention the lying down that a girl with 150 partners will do.

  2. Razor says:

    dude, great article. As I was going down the list, I started making a checklist of all the things I was doing and the alpha way of doing something in the same situation.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Good shit! Lol I totally have a huge ego….

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